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How can I sign up?

If you are interested in starting a group or want help finding a group that fits you best, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What is a Small Group?

A Small Group is several people that commit to gathering regularly for fellowship, Bible study, sharing, prayer, and service. In a Small Group, people come together to share life with one another. Together they share their hearts as the scriptures have commanded to join one another in times of sorrow and joy as exemplified by Jesus and as commanded by the Scriptures. In small groups, people live out the call to transparency and love for one another through prayer, confessing sins, serving one another, and fellowshipping with one another and God.

What is the purpose of Small Groups?

The purpose of small groups is community. Community is the body of believers coming together to connect, commit, and confront one another towards the purpose of holiness. Community is in turn for the purpose of the glorifying God.

Who decides which studies will be done?

Small Groups are not meant to be overly structured and many of the details will be in the hands of the group itself and the leader. The desire of the leadership is for small groups to do what is best for the people in the group.

Why are they so important?

Small groups work to achieve community. Community is commanded and demonstrated in Scripture. If you are interested in the Biblical commands to scripture, please, read this article.  

How large are Small Groups?

Small Groups are intended to be small and to allow everyone to interact and not have certain members that never speak. Therefore groups will vary in size and leaders may choose to have smaller groups to allow for shorter meeting. Groups ideally will vary from 8-10 members.

Where do Small Groups meet?

In the church or peoples' homes.

How often do Small Groups meet?

Each group will have their own schedule, but they will typically meet at least twice a month.

How long will Small Groups meet?

Again each group will vary but at least an hour and a half.

How will Small Groups be comprised and put together?

Small groups do have a limit in number and therefore timing of requests and the leaders will serve as guidelines for who will be in groups. If you find a Small Group appealing find the leader or contact them to find out if you can join. It is preferable that people find the group that best fits them and will be beneficial to them. Therefore it will be a joint effort on the part of leaders and members to join groups.

Who determines who is in a Small Groups?

You do. The makeup of a Small Group is largely decided by those who wish to join. However some groups may target a particular demographic and therefore are not suitable for everyone. 

Read this extended article on Small Groups if you want to study this topic further.