9:00 am | Sunday School
10:30 am | Worship Service
71 Grace Ave.
Waldoboro, Maine 04572
First Baptist Church exists to help people find hope and life in Jesus through...
  • Worship: We want every member of the church to have a lifestyle that in all its aspects glorifies God.
  • Discipleship: We want every person to be connected to someone else who is helping them to grow in their journey with Christ.
  • Evangelism: We want the gospel to grip us so much that our compassion for the lost would cause us to do all that we can to lead them to Jesus.
  • Community/Fellowship: Because Jesus has brought us together, we want every person to know they are an essential part of this new family.
  • Ministry/Service: We want everyone to know their spiritual gifts, to be encouraged and learn how to use them, and to be affirmed that what they are doing is part of the work of Christ.

Follow this link to learn how you might find all joy in Jesus Christ our Savior.