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Access to archived sermon and service video and audio

Enter one or more search criteria to access the video database of sermons and services. You may use a combination of criteria to narrow your search, such as a keyword in the title within a specific year, or all the sermons that Pastor Jon Vermilion preached with the keyword "faith" in the title. You may search by year, by keyword, by scripture book, or by the teacher/preacher.

A search may return any combination of the sermon or service video or audio. If only the sermon was recorded then there will not be a service video to match. Audio is only of sermons. The videos of sermons are posted publicly on Vimeo as an evangelistic / educational outreach of our church. There will typically be thousands of hits on sermons each year.

NOTE: This archive does not contain any sermons more recent than May 3, 2020. Recent sermons and services may be available on our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

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