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Pastoral Training

First Baptist Church has partnered with Faith Bible Seminary to reinvent Pastoral Training.

The next round of internships will begin in 2019. We will begin accepting applications in 2018.

First Baptist Church recognizes the need for "a new approach" to pastoral training. We also recognize the need to not only be a church that "calls those who are trained," but also a church that "trains those who are called." One of the ways we seek to do this, is through our Pastoral Training Program.

Why A New Approach?

First Baptist Church recognizes the challenges that are often present in a traditional seminary model:

  • The high cost of seminary training, resulting in some students graduating with significant debt.
  • The lack of practical ministry experience and hands-on training.
  • The significant pressures on students (and possbily wives and children) due to the heavy seminary and job workload.
  • The need to sometimes relocate to another part of the country to attend a Bible-believing seminary.
A Unique Solution:

The Master of Divinity program (from Faith Bible Seminary) at First Baptist Church in Waldoboro is unique in its approach.

Each student is hired as an intern at First Baptist. The student works in practical ministry at the church three to four days per week year-round for three years. While serving as an intern, they receive MDiv level academic training from Faith Bible Seminary credentialed faculty, through a LIVE, INTERACTIVE, video feed.

The students enrolled in this internship program are only charged $1500 per year for tuition and are given free housing and a stipend (to cover living expenses) while they are in school.

This means that:
  • First Baptist receives additional staff support and is actively involved in training men for ministry.
  • The student graduates with experience, no debt, and a spiritually and emotionally strong family.

View this qualifications document to see if this program for you.

To learn even more about the program, or if you are interested in applying, send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All applicants must submit BOTH an application to Faith Bible Seminary AND an application for the First Baptist Church Internship Program.

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