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We are located directly off of Route 1
in Waldoboro, ME (map)
(just north of Moody's Diner)


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Featured Mission Project

Varga, Gyuri & Aniko

Erd, Hungary

Philippian Fellowship

Pastor of our sister church in Erd, Hungary, a suburb city of Budapest. For over 11 years Pastor Gyuri Varga and his wife, Aniko, have ministered in Erd, Hungary, with the Erdliget Bible Fellowship. They are one of the 5 founder families.

The church has grown steadily and currently has over 65 members. They are blessed with more than 40 children and 30 youth, with more than 20 visitors as well. Midweek services occur in several home groups. They outgrew their church building and are searching for God’s leading. Their church has a meaningful ministry in the nearby public school, which gives them many opportunities to share Christ through summer camps, English clubs, and solid rock clubs during the school year, teachers' trainings, counseling, etc.

Pastor Varga also leads the Hungarian Baptist Union’s family ministry. Together they hold marriage retreats, seminars, and parents’ clubs all around the country. Aniko leads the Hungarian Baptist Union’s women’s ministry. Her team coordinates nationwide trainings, conferences, and prayer days.

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