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cr page vCelebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered 12-Step recovery program based on biblical principles with a goal to let God work His healing power in and through our lives. CR addresses a wide range of hurts, habits and hang-ups; maintaining strict confidentiality and anonymity; promoting an atmosphere of trust, facilitating spiritual growth and providing a safe environment for recovery from unhealthy habits and trauma such as alcohol/drug addiction, pornography, gambling, food addictions, financial recovery, low self-esteem, control issues, depression, anger, co-dependency, depression, sexual addictions, rejection/ abandonment issues, perfectionism, broken relationships, resentment/unforgiveness, childhood/adult physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

This recovery program emphasizes that we need each other in order to heal and grow stronger. It is built around small group interaction and the fellowship of a caring community. Celebrate Recovery is built on the New Testament principle that we don't get well by ourselves. We need each other. Hurting people hurt those around them ~ intentionally or otherwise ~ and Celebrate Recovery helps those who are struggling by showing them that freedom from their strongholds is possible!

You've undoubtedly heard the expression that "time heals all wounds." Unfortunately, it isn't true. The truth is, time often makes things worse. Wounds that are left untended fester and spread infection throughout your entire body. Time only extends the pain if the problem isn't dealt. Our communities needs a balanced program to help people overcome their hurts, habits and hang-ups ~ and Celebrate Recovery is that program.