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Current & Future Adult Sunday School Classes

Sunday study classes for adults change every quarter, starting in September, December, March, and June. This allows adults to seek topics of interest and make new friends along the way. Some longer studies may extend multiple quarters. See what class is best for you for the current quarter. Checkout new classes here a few weeks before each new quarter starts.

NOTE: if the class recommends paid materials, the registration must be placed prior to a week before the class starts so that materials can be ordered. Otherwise, you will need to acquire the materials on your own.

The Book of Luke: Part 1

Facilitator: Pastor Troy Nelson

Dec 11 — Feb 26

As part of the pastoral/leadership training strategy of Bible Training Centre for Pastors, the Bible Book Studies are written to enable believers to grow and mature in Christ by knowing and obeying His Word. This 27-week study will progress through roughly 2 Sunday School quarters. It is a guided tour from start to finish and will equip you to have a more thorough understanding of The Gospel According to Luke. Read the chapter in Luke's account and the lesson notes at home, and then together we will grow as we discuss thought-provoking questions from the book.

Cost: $7

Room: TBD

Getting Connected

Facilitator: Rob Hunt / Tom Vannah

Dec 4 — Feb 26

If you are interested in finding out more about FBC Waldoboro and what it means to become a member, this is the class for you. You will spend 6 weeks learning about salvation, our statement of faith, ministries, our purpose, mission, & vision, our history, and our structure. You will then have an opportunity to make an educated decision about joining the First Baptist family at the end of the class.

Cost: None

Room: TBD

The Book of Acts - Continuation

Facilitator: Bob Jones

Dec 4 — Feb 26

Verse by verse, teacher led, group discussion of concepts and themes in the book of Acts. Visitor friendly.

Cost: None

Room: Room8

The Wonderful Spirit Filled Life - Continuation

Facilitator: Scott Harris

Dec 4 — Feb 26

“A big part of the Spirit-filled life is learning to recognize the fingerprint of the Holy Spirit. Once you know what to look for and once you begin looking for it, you will be amazed at how real the Holy Spirit will become to you. Learning to recognize the Holy Spirit is the first step in learning to live the Spirit-filled life.” Charles Stanley

Cost: 11

Room: TBD