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9:00 am | Sunday School

10:30 am | Worship Service

We are located directly off of Route 1
in Waldoboro, ME (map)
(just north of Moody's Diner)


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Truesdell, Will & Lisa

New England


Our mission is to advance God's Kingdom on campus through whole life conversion to Jesus. What this means is that our staff team seeks to partner with students on campuses to have the gospel penetrate every corner of that campus, and then to consider other campuses where there is no current evangelical Christian witness and to start a gospel work there.

We disciple students:

  • to become effective in inductive Bible study (to know how to study God's word and apply it to their lives);
  • to share the message of Jesus with a generation of students who often have no basic understanding of the man and the story, and to do it in a way that is natural, real, and respecting the listeners;
  • to grow in leadership where they know how their own gifts and personality can be a part of the advancing gospel work on campus and beyond.

The focus of my ministry is now more with our New England staff team. After many years on campuses and supervising staff, I have seen the real need for our staff to have someone who is looking out for their spiritual lives. Their "spiritual formation"—the health, vitality, and growth of their life in Jesus—is what I am focused on. As part of the leadership team for the New England Ministry, I work with them to advance this aspect of our ministry, so our staff can serve students with a genuine, deepening love for Jesus that is full of the Holy Spirit.

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